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NU'ETS Member Profile


His name is Baekho (real name: Kang Dongho).
His height is 178cm.
His weight is 63kg.
His birthday is July 21st, 1995 making his astrological sign a Cancer.

He has a very focused and mature look that makes him seem a lot older than just 16 (17 in Korea). Now that the last two members of NU’EST has been revealed, all we have to do is wait until March for their first debut into the K-pop society. Granted they’ve been marketed and publicized for a while now (since the Winter holidays), I’m expecting this group to be one of the most anticipated K-pop rookie groups of 2012.

His name is Aron (real name: Aaron Kwak). He was born on May 21, 1993 making him 18 years old (19 in Korea). He is the oldest in NU’EST. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and was scouted at the same Korean Music Festival that 2PM’s Nichkhun was scouted at.

His name is Minhyun, he was born in 1994 making him 17 years old (18 in Korea). He is the main vocalist of NU’EST. He is the tallest of the group. He played the main role in Orange Caramel’s MV ‘Shanghai Romance’. He was also a backup dancer to After School Blue’s ‘Wonder Boy’.

Leader of ‘NU’EST’ (also known as Pledis Boys) is JR. JR stands for Junior Royal and he has exceptional dancing skills as well as amazing rapping skills. He’s only 18 years old, but he possesses a charismatic look that makes him seem much more mature for his age. Check out Junior Royal’s pictures below.

He is the feminine one of NU’EST (some say that he is the Amber of boy groups), but Pledis has said that he is the most mischievous of the group.
Ren/Len’s real name is Choi MinKi.
His height is: 179CM
His weight is: 56kg
His birthday is: November 3rd, 1995.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio

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